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Jessica Nylund is an aspiring goldsmith and contemporary jewelry artist, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Educated in metalsmithing and jewelry design at Konstskolan Stockholm, she first pursued two goldsmith apprenticeships in her home town; at BD Juvelateljé (Östermalm) and Hargreaves Stockholm (Vasastan). Her journey then took her all across the world to Tokyo, Japan, where she was taught the fine art of Japanese goldsmithing techniques from her Japanese goldsmith Master Naohiro Yamada. Back in Sweden, she seamlessly integrates these globally acquired skills, infusing her artistic creations with a unique fusion of cultural influences.

Having gone through life being drawn to various forms of art (from ceramics, to photography, to graphic design and drawing), one could have imagined an artistic career path was a given. But life isn’t always a straight path, and while she is grateful for what the years within the business industry might have taught her, she is now back in her element, truly enjoying getting to create something for generations to come!

Using exclusively recycled fine metals (Sterling silver and 18k/14k solid gold), any and all pieces by Jessica Nylund are bound to stand the test of time, as well as being ethically responsible. Leading a vegan lifestyle, she is also keen not to use any materials derived from the animal kingdom in her work. And while in love with classic Scandinavian design and its delicate simplistic beauty, she also appreciates the beauty of a big and bold statement piece. Hence, in her collections you might find a bit of both, keeping it classy, yet exciting. We hope that you will find just the piece for you. That’s what we live for—creating the beginnings to new love stories.

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Jessica Nylund, goldsmith and jewelry artist