Size guide

Ring size:

1. If you are in Stockholm, the most reliable and efficient way is to swing by our workshop to have your finger measured properly. If you are not in Stockholm, I would still suggest visiting your local jewelry store to have them measure your size.

2. If you can't be bothered to leave the house (pandemic and all, I get it), the next best way to accurately measure your ring size is if you already have a ring that fits your finger. In this case, lay the ring on top of a millimiter ruler and count how many millimeter is in the inner diameter (across the widest part of the inside of the ring). There you have your size.

3. If you are about to buy your first ring (or at least the first one with a perfect fit) and don't have an old ring to measure from, you can also use a strip of paper (do not use a string, as it will stretch and become inaccurate). The best time of day to measure your ring size is in the evening, when your fingers are largest. Avoid measuring when you’re cold, as cold fingers are at least half a size smaller.

(* This method of measurement is a less accurate way of determining your correct ring size because it depends how tightly you pull the strip around your finger and relies on you marking the strip accurately.)

From the size chart below, convert your circumference into the ring diameter, and you have your ring size. If you are between two sizes, round up to the nearest 0.5 mm diameter (16.7 mm would be rounded up to 17.00 mm, for instance).